Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Association

A non-profit association supporting local real estate investors, landlords and entrepreneurs


Mission Statement


Our Mission:

The Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. (GDREIA) community promotes responsible investing by providing education and resources to its members.

Improving our community, one house at a time.

The right place for New and Experienced Real Estate Investors

GDREIA is your Source for Real Estate Success

- Local experts, experienced investors, and national speakers & trainers

  • Learn different real estate strategies
  • Network with other members
  • Get essential resources from vendors
  • Market your properties to other buyers/investors
  • First access to properties offered by our members

Take control of your future.

  • Time proven strategies to build real estate investments.
  • You manage your real estate investment directly, not Wall Street.
  • You provide housing¬† and improve our community.
  • You care because this is about YOU, your FAMILY and your FUTURE!